How To Edit Woocommerce Shop Page With Elementor Free

In this video I’m showing you a simple and FREE method on How Edit Woocommerce Shop Page With Elementor.

How you can go from the basic shop page to a beautiful, fully customized page based on your own personal requirements.

And the good news is that you can do that for free, at no extra cost.

All you need is the free version of Elementor and another free plugin which I’m going to show you now.



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15 thoughts on “How To Edit Woocommerce Shop Page With Elementor Free | Mr Web Reviews | 2021

  1. Hi. Thanks for video. Could you please answer to me? I set up in wooCommerce setting > product > Shop page (I can’t find woolentor teamplate) and I set regular shop page builded in > all pages > elementor > it is gives me error Preview could not be loaded.

    1. You can’t edit the shop page in itself, you need to create a template first then use it as your shop page. See steps here πŸ‘‰ 2:10

    2. @Mr Web Reviews Yes i am created Teamplate page also. But how i can choose it? in woocommerce settings ->shop page -> this teamplate not available?

    3. @Max JokeStar You’right Max, Woocommerce cannot select a template, but a page. You have to ignore this selection by Woocommerce and let Woolentor do the link. If you have already selected an specific page at Woocommerce settings; you have to delete it or put it temporaly in the trash; because this selection will be always the main/principal one. Once Woocommerce will not find the page, Woolentor will do the job.

    4. @Carlos Abellanosa flip. I’m having the same problem. I did what you said above but still not showing

  2. How to add pagination in ‘WL: Universal product layout’ if we have 100 items and display 12 at a time

  3. I did everything and at the end when I changed on woolentor the product archive page template, saved and refresh nothing changed I still see the old one πŸ˜’

    1. @PromisquesI DID BUT I THINK DID IT THIS WAY πŸ˜‰https://youtu.be/JABZIx6wNv0

  4. Thank You Very Much it was very helpful However I have changed just like the Instructions BUT I don’t want my shop page to be for ALL the Shops Since I have different categories and I would like each category to have it’s own design but my design which was Books Category went to all the shop pages
    How can I have my shop page to to Book shop page only

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