In this tutorial learn how you can build the WooCommerce single and archive product page templates using Elementor’s WooCommerce Builder.

You’ll learn how to:

✓ Use WooCommerce with Elementor
✓ Create a custom design for your products and archive
✓ Save a single and archive template with conditions by category

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20 thoughts on “How to Customize WooCommerce Product & Product Archive Pages Via Elementor

  1. How do you link the product meta in the custom page for a particular product? this is not working for me, the product meta is not showing in the relative fields.

  2. This archive option is not showing on my website customize option. How will I get this option?

  3. ok, ok… padding, colors.. what about different types of product images galleries? some themes can offer good looking single product layouts with nice galleries.. It is important when you use about 10-15 images to show your product.. Is it possiblle to customize featured image and other thumbnails? Or you just offer this boring classic WooC product gallery with one big image and 4-5 small thumbnails?

  4. Elementor is fascinating!!! The more I learn about it’s capabilities I restart falling in love ❤

  5. – at 5:52 you see there on the right side the “Dark Chocolate Double Trouble” products height is bigger than the rest – how to fix this? (custom css? min-height? or there is a built in option?)
    – how can I change the style of the “Add To Cart” button seen at 5:52?

    1. @Elementor Thank you. I saw there a lot unanswered questions, thats why I did not join there tbh.

  6. Can i build two different categorie archiv pages? I have two dealers with different products and categories. I dont want all the categories to show on both dealers. Sry for my bad english

  7. There is no “Query” or “Source” section as of July 2021. I believe your operations are entirely out of line and potentially just out of control.

    1. Hi Liam, stay tuned for major changes coming soon to the WooCommerce integration with Elementor.

  8. I have Elementor Pro and Woocommerce but I do not have the product widgets section in this video??

  9. Do you need to create these for each categories or is one templates that applies to all just as good?

  10. I have issue bro, I’ve created product archive page in theme builder. but I can’t see any pages in my dashboard, so I can’t customize it in wordpress, but the strange thing is my page still alive if I visit it

  11. I’m using the Hello theme and when I use the Archive Products element, I don’t see the options rows and columns…

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