Learn how to create an Affiliate Product in WooCommerce. Affiliate Marketing is an amazing way to make a lot of money by promoting others peoples products and services. With WooCommerce you can create a store full of affiliate products.

In this video, I show you how to create an Affiliate Product, but also talk about pricing, discount, discount for a certain period, descriptions, categories, WooCommerce tags, featured image, and more.

Want to make a complete WooCommerce website? Watch this video:

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00:00 Introduction
00:22 Choose a Name For Your Affiliate Product
00:31 Create a Long Description
01:07 Get Dummy Text
03:21 The Stock Keeping United
04:56 Product Categories in WooCommerce
05:31 Create Product Tags

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18 thoughts on “Create an Affiliate Product In WooCommerce

  1. Very informative and well explained.
    Liked and subscribed. Keep up the great content Ferdy!

  2. Hello sir, Can I use Amazon affliet site strips html image code add in woocommerce product image? Thanks 😊

  3. Hey Ferdy, When you click on “start for free” the affiliate link will open in the same tab.. But how to change it, so the product will open in a new tab?

  4. Findet Ihr diesen Kanal auch so klasse wie ich? 🤝
    Ich hab ja auch so einen Kanal. Ob der auch mal so gut wird?

  5. Hi I just have a question, is it okay to get those photos and set it as your featured image? This has been what im researching for days and still cant find answer. I wanna know if i could use images that i just saved from google or my affiliate partner. Pls help thanks

    1. Hey Gert, if the product you promote is an affiliate, I see no reason why you can not use their logo or product image.

    2. @Ferdy Korpershoek ohh okay thank you! Im an affiliate to amazon and they actually have the sitestripe. And I use that one to link the products on my website. But like when i need to set up a fearured image theres no link box for it so I have no choice but to get and download the image. Thats what I was worried about since a lot here on yt says you cannot use the photos! Also for like making a collage of variety of products to use as a tool for pinterest pinning. I normally take screenshot and edit to remove the background and put all the fotos together using canva! And I hope this method is okay? Im seeing a lot of pins on pinterest on this format! At first i was wondering how do they get the fotos! But thank you so much. I hope what im doing rn is just right.

  6. Hi Ferdy, I have an active dropship website, but I want to add affiliate links on one of the pages. Does this affect the site or can I do dropship and affiliate links at the same time?

  7. How do you dynamically pull the product URL ‘affiliate link’ into an elementor template

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